Cotton, Carbon, Kevlar or Mylar?

Many boats and many materials, the options allow for combinations of sails to replace your weathered , worn or basic kit sails.

Classic boats could use traditional cotton sails, plain or a "Liberty of London" type print, while a little "507" footy class could have all kevlar matrix sails the same as you could replace the sails on a chinese kit like the Thunder Tiger "Victoria" or "Etnz".

For the ultimate sail suite light weight mylar sails made over cambered moulds give you shaped sails that have that bit more speed, height and slipperyness, however not as durable!

Traveling alot and rolling sails up or sailing a One Design that has rules specifying flat one piece sails like the Chinese Dragon Force?

Then straight Carbon/Kevlar matrix film sails are the answer, giving durability, great looks and low fuss sailing.

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Cotton Sails
"507" Footy with Matrix film sails
"507" Footy made in Australia
"650" RG-65 with Mylar film sails in various weights and cuts
"650R" RG-65
"650R" RG-65
"650R" RG-65
Thunder Tiger ETNZ with Carbon Boom
Full Rig update pack for ETNZ
Before and after sails
Fully built boats also available
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